MONZU Lisburn Road

Monzu-Lisburn Road
Monzu-Lisburn Road

Monzu was TaTu last time I was there.  The general ambience of the bar/lunch area is very much similar although it seemed a little lighter and airier than previously.

I had called in with my wife for a quick lunch midweek.   The waitress appeared and gave us menus and the “specials of the day” slip and took off.  She then did the rounds and appeared to forget we were there as she took orders from two tables who arrived after us.  This was also TaTu failing if I remember correctly, though she had not worked there.

When we caught her eye I ordered the sicilian meatballs with linguini and a tomato ragu and my wife attempted to order the chicken open sandwich from the “specials”. We were asked if we wanted chips, which seemed strange as they were included on the specials and one doesn’t normally eat chips with linguini.  A few minutes later she was back.  Apparently the specials menu she had given us was for the wrong day and, not only did it not include chips, it was dearer.  We settled for it anyway and ordered a glass each of Fire Fly Chardonnay and  Primitivo both of which were very pleasant.  The meat balls were excellent and the pasta cooked al dente with a mildly spiced sauce.  The open ciabatta sandwich had plenty of tasty chicken and salad but was very dry.  Could have done with a dressing of some sort on the side.  On the whole not a bad experience but thery would need to sharpen up the service a little.

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