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iPhotography Course

I signed up to an on-line photography course offered on Groupon earlier this year. Now will have the time to start it.

The first project is to take a photo of an inanimate object and name it “before”. At the end of the course one has to complete an “after” photo having transformed it into an art-form using the skills one has, hopefully, acquired!

This is my “Before” photo


My “Before” Picture


9 October 2018
Back To School Weekend Challenge entry

Orhan & Leah edit


16 October 2018
Suggestion Weekend Challenge entry

Teh finger of suspicion points at YOU

The finger of suspicion


23 October 2018
Halloween Weekend Challenge entry

The Joker


6 November 2018
Module 5 basic composition, Rule of Thirds

Kerala fish Market


20 November 2018
Module 9, Black & White composition; High Key

Stainless Link


Knockagh Knuts Marbella Trip, October 2015

Another successful outing for the Knuts this year. As usual thanks go to Geoff Pearson for organizing the trip and to John Lynas for running the competitions.

The weather was good to us with temperatures of around 25° – 27° throughout.

The hotel, NH Marbella, was extremely good. Comfortable beds, for the time we actually spent in them, and excellent breakfasts. It was also located a five minute walk from the beach and 10 minutes to the nearest bar!

We played two courses: Santa Clara first, where the greens were rather poor to say the least. This was followed by Rio Real, which proved to be much better all round.

Winners of the silly trousers were Dylan O’Neill for day one, Philip McCrery day two and the overall winner was David Winning.

I hate Leny Henry – BUT – Premier Inn Gatwick Airport

I really do not like Lenny Henry but we staged through Gatwick on our way to and from Egypt for the 2015 New Year and again on our way to and from Turkey in March, staying at the Premier Inn, adjacent to the North Terminal, on all occasions and, as the advert states, one gets a good nights sleep.
Not only that but one gets a reasonably spacious and immaculately clean room; friendly, helpful staff; and a first class restaurant all at very reasonable prices.

Farewell to Ken Skelton

A short note to mark the passing of Ken Skelton, Skeltie., late of East Antrim Hockey Club and even later of North Belfast Harriers.

Ken died peacefully on 5 May 2015 in the NI Hospice having partially fought of a tumor on the spine and then succumbing to one on the brain.

A great sportsman and snooker player, he once beat Alex Higgins, he will be remembered with great fondness by members of the hockey club who attended his funeral in force.

All sympathy to his wife Val and the rest of the family.

The Blue Mosque

Istanbul stopover

We stopped for a day in Istanbul on our way back from Nepal.

What a contrast, wide dual carriageways lined with flower beds and central reservations crowded with daffodils and tulips.

The overall impression was of a modern and spectacularly clean city.

We were booked into the Amiral Palace Hotel, a stones throw from the Blue Mosque.  This is a really nice “boutique” hotel and our only reservation was the size of the room.  For an overnight, or possibly a couple of nights it was quite adequate but if one has a couple of cases and a few changes of clothes it is a bit tight.  The staff were friendly and helpful and duty manager suggested that, as we were only in the city for one night we must take a Bosporus Dinner cruise.

After a stroll around the local souk we took a couple of hours nap and were then picked up by the minibus to take us to the jetty.

On arrival we were a little apprehensive as to how the evening would progress as we we were shown to a table the occupants of which were at least 30 years our junior.  We need not have worried, there were three Algerians, three Moroccans, a couple of Indians and a lone Japanese/American lass, all of whom immediately made us welcome.

The dinner was very good with a choice of local fish or chicken as the main course and there were a couple of large glasses of wine included.

The cabaret also turned out to be quite a class act with a belly dancer providing the main turn.

There was not too much commentary on the passing sights but nobody really noticed. Altogether a very pleasant evening.

The next morning we walked up to the Blue Mosque an around the square before our taxi arrived to take us back to the Airport.

We will be back I’m sure.


We’ll blame it all on Ross!

All I did was to suggest to John B,  Eric and a couple of others that, as I was in Stow-on-the-Wold for a REME bash on the Friday, wouldn’t it be an idea to have a reunion of the “Fathers of Discing” and their acolytes the day after.

Well of course Eric opened up the rolodex and put out a QRV to all and sundry. Most of the sundry turned up, with the notable exceptions of Bill Mayling, who was apparently detained in a dungeon, and Dave Martell who was tied up with preparations for Remembrance Day.

Without Eric’s and Christine’s hospitality; they found beds for JB, Mike Cadwgan and me amongst their nearest and dearest, we would have been pushed to find rooms at any inn.

Sartorial elegance

Saturday began with a trip into Cheltenham to meet up the Romanises for lunch at the Slug and Lettuce, have a couple of beers and then potter about the town whilst Eric went off to collect JB off the train. Afternoon tea was taken in Waterstones and then off to chéz Ross in time to welcome Cadwgan.

The rest is history – a great get together in the Royal Union with Geoff’s brother presiding over the largest chicken supper I have ever come across.

We somehow avoided being asked to leave for any reason! This was probably a first for some of us.

Eric, JB and I plotted future events over some excellent whiskey until the early hours. Hopefully some of them will come to fruition.

On behalf of all who did attend and those who couldn’t but would have liked to I raise a virtual glass to Eric for organizing a memorable event.




It was almost a BBQ but for once the weather forecast was right on the mark and at 2pm precisely the rain started and the BBQ became a buffet.

Held in honour of Jennifer’s birthday a goodly crew assembled for a Sunday afternoon of philosophical debate. This was abandoned after a couple of glasses and we got on with putting the world to rights.

The Society has elected to split into  ladies and gentlemen’s  sections which hold their discussions in separate rooms where possible (or opposite corners of the bar) thus obviating any requirement to moderate their observations in terms suitable for the delicate ears of the fairer sex.

The spread laid on was worthy of a royal banquet with fish pie, lasagne with and without garlic, curry, breads with and without garlic; followed by a selection of home made sweets.

The gentlemen formed a quorum to discuss serious matters pertaining to the well being of Norn Iron but were hackled by a couple of dissenting back benchers.

Another afternoon and evening completely wasted in the best possible manner.

Thanks to Roy and Jennifer for hosting, Linden for the photos and everyone else for subscribing.