15 Intelligence Platoon(Brigade) 1965-66

These are photographs from the year I spent in Borneo during my tour with 15 Intelligence Platoon, 205 HQ and Sigs Sqn, 5 Infantry Brigade (Airportable) as Midwest Brigade HQ in Sibu, Sarawak, North Borneo.

The quality is not the best but it gives an idea of our life in Sarawak before it became a tourist attraction.

The 22 Gurkha positions along the frontier were about an hour by helicopter or 10 days by river and cross country.

5 Inf Bde was the last unit to serve at the Midwest Brigade Headquarters in Sibu.


Sibu, Basha Camp and the Airport

Sibu Town and Kampongs

Photos of the local town, its waterfront and adjoining Kampongs

Up Country

These are photos taken at various forward positions along the brigade front line. The Gurkha’s were replaced by the Kings Own Scottish Borderers.

The Locals

Miscellaneous photos of the Dyaks and Sea Dyaks we encountered along the way

Fishing Trip!

Fishing with a small block of Semtex. Not really cricket

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