Christmas Letter ’02

06 December 2002

I cannot find last years letter so haven’t a clue what I told you about.  As the years progress I find that memories tend to run into one another and I am never sure what I have actually achieved in the recent past.  I also tend to rabbit on somewhat incoherently so you will have to bear with me as usual and either tear the whole thing up and bin it, or attempt to decipher (now there’s a blast form the past) the apparently meaningless woffle, or should that be waffle.

Since I last wrote we have acquired another granddaughter and a great niece (see inset).  We are getting quite an extended family, most of who will be descending on us for Boxing Day.  It gives me a chance to try out some new recipes if nothing else.

We have had quite a good year on the whole; we escaped to Morocco in March.  Josephine gets that Sun Deprivation thing and is impossible to live with by the end of January so we got a last minute “cheapie” to Agadir.  We took a three-day excursion up to Marrakech and Essouria whilst there.  Thought I might get some tips on metalworking for our factory in the Souk in Marrakech but found that their ideas on health and safety were not quite up to European standards. Quality of finished product far better mind you!!  Would recommend it to anybody for a holiday.

Our summer holiday was in the Republic in the caravan as usual.  Back to Killarney just for a change.  I like it there, lots of small golf courses, plenty of walks for the dogs, beautiful scenery.  Will have to make an effort to go somewhere different next year.  Would go to Galway or Donegal but you have to pack your wellies whatever the season.  Maybe try the east coast.

I have had a particularly busy year at work. The founder and owner of the firm died suddenly from a stroke in March. His son has taken it over with the younger brother continuing in his position as accountant.  I have more or less taken over the day-to-day running of the sales and purchasing side. We have been changing the direction of the company for some time, moving out of manufacturing and into importing and distribution.  The main effect of this is that I have spent much more time on the road trying to consolidate our major client base in the educational market.  Only 7 years to retirement!!**!!  Life could be worse.

Well, I suspect you are now yawning so I will just wish you a very happy Christmas and all the very best for the New Year.

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