School Dinner Night at CSC

Three little maids from school
Perfect schoolboy

Unfortunately a number of our usual group were unable to attend, being entertained at the Proms in the Park and other such events,  so it was that only eight of us were there for roll call.  Lack of numbers did not detract from our usual ability to enjoy ourselves and it was apparent on arrival, seeing the number of people who had made the effort to don costume for the occasion, that the rest were intent on doing the same. 

Dancing queen

Sam was unable to find costumes to suit Shirley and him so he bought the material and machined up skirts and knickers.  I must admit that I found the ideal fancy dress website that caters for the larger sizes, and added a wig and a pair of Primark stockings and shoes. 

In true school tradition dinner was served buffet style so we formed a neat line. Three courses available but to my mind the treacle sponge and custard was top of the bill. 

The ladies

The disco provided appropriate music and we managed a few dances before retiring to the bar for a little quiet.  Quiet is a relative term and relates to the lack of music rather than peace as in “peace and quiet. 

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