About us

A Brief Resume

Michael Hillier Jackson and Josephine Alexandra Jackson (nee Pearson)

  • Myself
Captain Greenisland golf club

Captain Greenisland GC 2017

  • Born in Palestine many years ago, Educated? in Birmingham (West Midlands not Alabama).
  • Left home to join REME Junior Leaders in 1960, transferred to Intelligence Corps in 1962
  • Served with 13 Signals Regiment, 15 Intelligence Platoon (Bde), 9 Signals Regiment, Back to 13, E Troop, 14 Signals Regiment Langeleben, roughly in that order up to March ’84.
  • Moved to Northern Ireland, to join my wife Josephine. A born and bred Belfast Girl.
  • Fell out with Brits over citizenship (bit like Spike Milligan -‘cept I’m still alive – just!) and am now naturalized Irish.
  • Having worked for SOS Group for 33 years and seen them taken over by McLaughlin & Harvey I finally retired on 6 December 2017
  • Josephine
A young Josephine

A young Josephine

  • A born and bred Belfast Girl

We have

  • 4 children, three boys and a girl
  • 4 granddaughters – the eldest at 28 is a year younger than our youngest son
  • 1 grandson
  • 2 great-granddaughters – one 8 and one 3

Our interests, apart from our family, include travel, food, socializing, the garden and,on my part, golf, paragliding, and this website.

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