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It was almost a BBQ but for once the weather forecast was right on the mark and at 2pm precisely the rain started and the BBQ became a buffet.

Held in honour of Jennifer’s birthday a goodly crew assembled for a Sunday afternoon of philosophical debate. This was abandoned after a couple of glasses and we got on with putting the world to rights.

The Society has elected to split into  ladies and gentlemen’s  sections which hold their discussions in separate rooms where possible (or opposite corners of the bar) thus obviating any requirement to moderate their observations in terms suitable for the delicate ears of the fairer sex.

The spread laid on was worthy of a royal banquet with fish pie, lasagne with and without garlic, curry, breads with and without garlic; followed by a selection of home made sweets.

The gentlemen formed a quorum to discuss serious matters pertaining to the well being of Norn Iron but were hackled by a couple of dissenting back benchers.

Another afternoon and evening completely wasted in the best possible manner.

Thanks to Roy and Jennifer for hosting, Linden for the photos and everyone else for subscribing.

Norn Iron Summer? B-B-Q

Sunday 17 June; a day of wind and rain, just perfect for the intrepid members of the Carrickfergus Sailing Club Retired Dancers Debating Society (CSCRDDS – please remember this as it will save typing in future) to gather for a BBQ.

CSCRDDS Mens Sectin

The Men's Section

With the help of a B&Q mini Pergola to keep the worst of the rain off the charcoal the BBQ was lit at 2pm. By 2.45 the Men’s Section had also gathered here to inaugurate the firing of the sausages.

Getting a grilling

Getting a grilling

Under the strict rules of the CSCRDDS only the Men’s Section are allowed within 10 metres of any BBQ once it has been lit. The fact that it was pouring with rain and the pergola was only large enough to accommodate 2 BBQs and 8 persons meant that there was no fear of any of the Ladies Section wanting to come anywhere near it anyway!

the ladies

The Ladies

With the help of a bottle or two of wine, Roy’s professional BBQ technique, and associated banter from the rest of the crew, Josephine was summonsed to take the first instalment for approval by the ladies. This being given we continued without further ado.

The ladies had taken over the living room so having completed cooking the men adjourned to the conservatory.

in my opinion

in my opinion.....

From this point on my recollection of events is a little hazy but we reckon the last of the revellers left around 9pm.

All in all another successful debate and the world a better place for it!

School Dinner Night at CSC

Three little maids from school

Perfect schoolboy

Unfortunately a number of our usual group were unable to attend, being entertained at the Proms in the Park and other such events,  so it was that only eight of us were there for roll call.  Lack of numbers did not detract from our usual ability to enjoy ourselves and it was apparent on arrival, seeing the number of people who had made the effort to don costume for the occasion, that the rest were intent on doing the same. 

Dancing queen

Sam was unable to find costumes to suit Shirley and him so he bought the material and machined up skirts and knickers.  I must admit that I found the ideal fancy dress website that caters for the larger sizes, and added a wig and a pair of Primark stockings and shoes. 

In true school tradition dinner was served buffet style so we formed a neat line. Three courses available but to my mind the treacle sponge and custard was top of the bill. 

The ladies

The disco provided appropriate music and we managed a few dances before retiring to the bar for a little quiet.  Quiet is a relative term and relates to the lack of music rather than peace as in “peace and quiet. 

Carrickfergus Sailing Club, Retired Dancers Mayday Dinner

The Finger Dancer

Carrickfergus Sailing Club, Retired Dancers Social Group held a Mayday reunion dinner at the club; on Saturday 1st May believe it or not. Twenty members met in the bar for a pre prandial drink (or two) and to catch up with the local gossip.

Smart as Carrots

As is usual for these functions the Maestro (Linden Graham in his other life) had emailed or phoned the menu to all concerned and, so that could be no squabbling, printed each out each couples choice. It goes without saying that there was still one dispute as to whether this was correct (no names no pack drill).

As this is posted to the Eating Out section I suppose I had better comment on the catering. We had selected the chicken liver pate with hot buttered toast and plum chutney to start. The pate was tasty and the toast hot, although I was not keen on the plum chutney (I am not keen on chutneys anyway) Josephine finished hers and pronounced it very good.

More Carrots!

I did not get any reports on the soup but there were rave reports on the deep fried breaded Garlic Mushrooms with dressed salad and garlic dip. we had also both chosen the same main, the selection of fresh sea-food (salmon, smoked haddock, king tiger prawns) in a white wine and butter sauce topped with mash and oven baked. There is only one word – sublime. The sides, chips, garlic sautéed potatoes and a selection of vegetables could not be faulted for either presentation or quality. The vegetables were cooked just to perfection. I cannot vouch for the other choices which included Chicken, pork loin or sirloin but the consensus was that it would have been hard to fault. Sweets included bread and butter pudding and apple pie with cream or ice cream.Again there were no complaints and we finished off with teas and coffees. Where else can you get a 3 course meal plus coffee for £25 a couple (three quid extra for the sirloin). Add to the this the club bar prices and you have a great evening out at a very reasonable price (even if you have to factor in taxis).

Tango anyone

Passe Doble specialists


We then had to work off the calories and the music took over.

Cha Cha Cha!

Some of us attempted to recall all the various dances we had learnt in the not very distant past.  I will not comment on how well we managed this.

Attempting to dance

All in all a great evening in excellent company.

Congratulations to all who contributed and also to the catering staff who produced and served such an excellent meal.