We’ll blame it all on Ross!

All I did was to suggest to John B,  Eric and a couple of others that, as I was in Stow-on-the-Wold for a REME bash on the Friday, wouldn’t it be an idea to have a reunion of the “Fathers of Discing” and their acolytes the day after.

Well of course Eric opened up the rolodex and put out a QRV to all and sundry. Most of the sundry turned up, with the notable exceptions of Bill Mayling, who was apparently detained in a dungeon, and Dave Martell who was tied up with preparations for Remembrance Day.

Without Eric’s and Christine’s hospitality; they found beds for JB, Mike Cadwgan and me amongst their nearest and dearest, we would have been pushed to find rooms at any inn.

Sartorial elegance

Saturday began with a trip into Cheltenham to meet up the Romanises for lunch at the Slug and Lettuce, have a couple of beers and then potter about the town whilst Eric went off to collect JB off the train. Afternoon tea was taken in Waterstones and then off to chéz Ross in time to welcome Cadwgan.

The rest is history – a great get together in the Royal Union with Geoff’s brother presiding over the largest chicken supper I have ever come across.

We somehow avoided being asked to leave for any reason! This was probably a first for some of us.

Eric, JB and I plotted future events over some excellent whiskey until the early hours. Hopefully some of them will come to fruition.

On behalf of all who did attend and those who couldn’t but would have liked to I raise a virtual glass to Eric for organizing a memorable event.



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