Sunday afternoon on the North Coast

The hills are alive


Two things that one should remember not to do again: 1. Promise the grandchildren that you’ll take them to Portrush before term starts and 2. Forget that it is a bank holiday weekend.   



Not quite Formula 1


Having said this at least the sun was shining and one could lean “comfortably” against the wind at Portstewart.  The kids were undaunted , made great use of the playpark and then took the dogs along the cliff path down towards Portrush.   

Portrush was gridlocked due to the Mini rally (I used to own a ’59 mini with mechanical turning indicators) and the marshalls closed off the town centre whilst we were half way through, so Josephine debussed with the children to walk down to Barry’s (where else) whilst I listened to the radio for half an hour and traffic was sorted out. 

Finally joined up with them and indulged in a couple of rides on the Wurlitzer and some other G-inducing  spin around. Luckily they did not want to go on the big dipper this time.  

No room at the inn!!

Absolutely nowhere to get a meal without a couple of hours wait so we went to Mr Chips for fish cuppers and and sat and ate them on the roundabout.   


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