Busy Bees
It's in there somewhere

The day was bright and sunny with the bees (we are lucky enough to have a large number) buzzing around the flower beds, so we decided to make the most of  the weather and see what was happening in the area.

Sentry Hill House - Front Entrance

Isn’t it funny that one can live in an area for 25 years without noticing a local landmark. On Sunday afternoon we took a run up to Sentry Hill House, not ten minutes drive away, and found a 19th century farmhouse with an accordian band playing in the courtyard. They offer tours of the house itself and also have a local historical collection that was bought by the Newtwonabbey Borough Council together with the buildings. In fact the source of nearly everything in the house and collection was William Fee McKinney who lived there for most of his life and amassed and catalogued items of interest from both the local area and his family abroad.
Local schools apparently also use the venue for their history lessons.  One lives and learns!

Knockagh Accordian Band

Following this we took the dogs down to the Loughshore for a run and for the first time this year came across a party in the water at the end of Gideons Green.

Loughshore steps at Gideons Green

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