Dressed to Kill at The Mill

Being on my own this week, Josephine is away in Portrush with the grandchildren, I got a ticket to see the schools production of Les Miserables in the Theatre at the Mill.  It’s not a bad little theatre and according to my sources has absolutely state of the art lighting rigs and flys. We tendered for the seating but lost it to some english crowd!

It was a flawless performance and I was reminded of the Hedgy Road Plays production at St Genevieve’s back in the ’80s when their dramatic society was producing works that would have graced such a venue had there been one available.

Anyway I feel I must mention a few outstanding performances (in my opinion) as far as this musical was concerned.

Ruaidhri Maguire was magnificent as Thenardier , he  oozed sleaze and came across perfectly as the ultimate opportunist. Fantine, played by Gemma McMeel brought real pathos to the part, Megan Mooney was absolutely obnoxious as Madame Thenardier and Aidan Walsh made Gavroche, the street urchin, truly “sympatico”.

Apart from the actors there were a few eycatching costumes about the foyer. You may notice that wine seem to be a common denominator as well!

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