Love Fish – Birthday dinner

Booked a table for Josephine s birthday this evening.

As usual Michael Deane’s Love Fish restaurant is top of the list.  What I like about it is the smooth service with a touch of humour and great cuisine.

Starters were Jamesons and ginger and a Bombay and tonic and then on to the serious subject of food. The seared scallops with samphire, pancetta and garlic served in individual shells are to die for and the crevettes in garlic butter with sourdough take some beating.

We chose a bottle of 2012 Pecorino to accompany the meal and it has a perfect light touch that is just that bit more delicate than the Pinot Grigio that would have been my usual choice.

For mains Josephine took the fish pie and I the grilled salmon with Bombay potatoes and curry oil.  We had a side of beef dripping chips. the latter are an indulgence not to be missed!

The fish pie is the best we have tasted.  Not only is the filling a selection of fish with a light touch of sauce but the buttery mash topping is so light as to be melt in the mouth.

The grilled salmon has a light crust and the curry oil gives the Bombay potatoes a pleasant “kick”. A perfectly balanced combination.

The portions are balanced so that one can partake of three courses without feeling bloated so of course we chose the cheese, accompanied by a very palatable 10 year old port.

I am not one for chutneys so this accompaniment was lost on me but the “fromage de jour” was  first class.  In fact it was better than the selection that Josephine was serves a a birthday special.

To finish off I took the Bepi Tolosini grappa which is one of the smoothest I have had outside Italy.

Bill total including the 10% £140 of which £63.00 was drinks.  Money well spent!!

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