Aldens in the City, Callender Street, Belfast

Shook out our bus passes for a trip into Belfast, too much hassle driving these days, to pick up a few odds and ends.  This brought on a need to find somewhere for lunch and, as we were in M&S at the time, where could be more convenient than Alden’s retreat just across from the rear door.

Pleasantly surprised to find that it was not crowded.  Ordered the necessities first, two Pinot Grigio and some water.  The waiter informed us they were having problems with the tap water and suggested a large bottle of  bottled. This turned out to cost the same as the wine, so reaffirms my antipathy to drinking water (which only rusts things anyway).

I ordered the Linguine with asparagus, sunblush tomatoes, red chillies, basil and parmesan  , whilst Josephine had the cauliflower soup with a half deli ham and Charleville  cheddar sandwich.

The linguine was perfect the red chillies giving it a bite without being hot and the asparagus and tomato flavours enhanced by the basil.  I mopped the plate with a piece bread from Josephine’s sandwich.

The cauliflower soup was thick and creamy; I managed to sample a spoonful and agreed that it was indeed extremely tasty.  The sandwich was reportedly the same with proper ham and cheese rather than excuse one gets in many places.

A couple of ladies of our vintage had arrived at the adjacent table and were discussing trying the Linguine so, of course, I put in my recommendation. Luckily she also considered it as good as I had.  It transpired that the other lady has a son in Thailand who she is visiting at the same time as we will  be there and she had also been on Rhine cruises and a Cuckoo Clock trail which covered the same areas of Germany with which I am somewhat acquainted.

Noticed the sweets counter on the way out and was extremely tempted to turn back but managed to drag myself out!

So if you want to have a great lunch and meet interesting people go to Alden’s in the City.

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