Famagusta Saddle Club, Ayios Nikolaos circa ’75

Dressage Practice

Apparently the Saddle club has now been disbanded.  It provided great sport whilst I was at 9 around 74 and 75 in the aftermath of the Turkish invasion.  Dave and Penny(?) ran the show during some of this time and the top horse was Saladin, a grey stallion. Regretfully I do not remember the names of many of the horses, or members for that matter, though I think Jane Wells was also involved in the organisation.

Feeding our Foal

We bred a foal as well during that period. There was also quite a quite a strong drag hunt and, if I remember correctly, the ladies early morning hack was an extremely well supported weekly feature.

Looking for the hounds

My favourite competitions were the military skills at which I did far better than the show jumping for some reason.

Those were the days!

One down – 5 to go – Pig sticking

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  • Wow this is a big flash from the past! Saladin nearly caused me an International Incident! Lol. A snake freaked him and he bolted way too close to the white turkish borderline! I was terrified I had half a dozen rifles pointing ato me with them screaming at me .. I couldn’t control or turn him away from it in the end I leaned down and pulled his head round where he stopped .. gawd dido I get some British stick over that! Good days..and thank you for the memories . Heather x

  • Mick

    Dave and Sue McGrath ran the Saddle Club, Major Ridger OIC. My memory serves me right Dave and Sue left Cyprus and left the Army, went to Houghton Le Spring where they ran a stables, then moved to Faccombe in Berkshire. Dave was instructor at Newbury Tech College. Last seen 1985.
    Jane and Terry Wells were running a Stables just across the border in Birglen, Daughters both married, one living in W Germany. last seen 1983.
    Regards to you and Chrissy

    • Sorry it took so long to pick this up. Life fairly hectic over the past few months. Chris and I split up in 04 when I left the Army. I’m in Co Antrim these days and remarried. details on the “about us” page

    • Hi Phil, I too knew Dave and Sue McGrath get well. I built and ran the Saddle Club bar, but Dave and I were together on our Class 1 course in Catterictk prior to Ay Nik. Do you have any more info about then? Thanks, Alan

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