M1 Services North, Lusk

"a cafe" & Burger King

The new service stations on the Dublin Motorway are a godsend.  No longer any problems with refuelling and their prices are about average for Diesel. At the time of this post about 10% cheaper than NI.

The restaurant area is immaculately clean as are the toilets. There is a choice of three franchises, “a Cafe”, Burger King and Costa.

The Cafe was offering a 9 item breakfast at €8.95 (including a free Irish Times), or a free mug of soup with any sandwich or pannini.

There were a number of other hot dishes, lasagne being one I recognised. I settled for a baked potato with chilli con carne and whilst the chilli was not eye watering it had a certain piquancy and would probably suit the vast majority of tastes.  I accompanied it with a mug of Earl Grey.  You cannot really go wrong, you pick the tea bags you want and fill the pot with boiling water. Price €10.80.

Other facilities are a childrens play area, games arcade and showers

Costa corner

If the other stations are up to, and maintain this standard they will probably do quite well.

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