Thank God it’s Friday?

I don’t work Fridays any more. I take an extra day off.

Today I got up at 6.50am

I fed the dogs whilst making a cup of tea.

I had a shower and dressed;  put the dogs in the car and followed my son to the garage to leave his car in for a service

I took him to work in the harbour estate and drove from there to Dundrod to leave my dogs in to be clipped.

Went home and picked up Josephine and took her to her hairdresser in Stranmillis for a wash and blow dry.  Did the FT crossword over a cup of until she was finished and drove into town to collect my overcoat from the tailors.

We drove home and grabbed a slice of toast whilst she changed.

Went to her pal’s house and took the two of them to Greenisland Golf Club for their Walker’s Club Christmas dinner.

On the way back went to B & Q to get fittings to plumb in daughter’s washing machine and tape to seal door to our attic.

Drove home and cleaned the garden of dogs poo and then sealed the attic door against draughts.

Went to New Tesco Superstore at Northcott and to avail myself of 25% offer on wine and sherry etc. (Last Day)

Got call from son and collected him from La Cuisine on Antrim Road.

Went to collect Grandchildren from school and take them home.

Drove to Greenisland Golf Club to collect wife and friend and run her home.

Drove to kennels to collect dogs

Got call from daughter to come and plumb in washing machine.

Plumbed in washing machine on way home.

Made stir fry and opened bottle of Montepulchiano and drank same!

Thank god it’s Friday!



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