Expresso Elements, Lisburn Road

There are a plethora of chic coffee houses allong the Lisburn road but Expresso Elements just happens to be opposite Paul Stafford’s salon so it seemed just the place to drop into an while away an hour whilst waiting for Josephine.  The decor is black with wooden chairs and tables and a window counter bar.  Efficient staff also in black.  I picked a latte, (unusual as I normally take americano, but felt the need for something softer!) and a cinnamon dusted mince pie.  Special Christmas offer £3.00. The latte came in a smill glass with sugar added (they ask how much you want) so no need for spoons and nasty little bags to litter the table.  The pastry was melt in the mouth and the pie delicious, though maybe with just a touch too much cinnamon.  There was a steady trickle of customers, some like me readijng the paper and watching the world go by and others quickly in and out.  Clean,  tidy, good coffee and  pleasant staff, will no doubt call again.

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