Italy visit Oct 09

The pictures below are from a flying three day visit to our major Italian furniture supplier, Las Mobile, who is based in Tortoreto on the adriatic coast between Ancona and Pescara. The town is major holiday resort, especially frequented by Germans, between April and September. It boasts a long beach which extends to the neighbouring fishing port of Guilianova.

Our objective was to see if there had been any major developments in manufacturing technology and to meet with the designers and manufacturers to see if could find a machine particular to our needs. Unfortunately the only one which had the operational scope was not only extremely expensive, approx €200,000, but would also have taken up half my warehousing space. Back to the drawing board but with a couple of possible simpler solutions. Having completed our business and being taxied back across the Appenines we spent half a day sightseeing in Rome.

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