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Hot off the 07.00 flight from Belfast to Edinburgh and having picked up a hire car I was looking for a likely spot for breakfast. The Dreghorn services are well signposted off the A720 Edinburgh Bypass heading south.

There were not too many people about and the waitress was friendly and efficient. The tables were clean and the restaurant was generally bright and cheerful.

I ordered the “Early Starter” fry with a side of haggis, well it is Scotland, orange juice and tea. The fresh orange juice came first and was .3 litre bottle which is a bit much to go with breakfast I thought. Means they have no waste though as they charge £2.15.

The fry was fine and the egg soft, which is how I like them. Nothing special about the sausage and bacon but nothing to complain about either. As there were a couple of hash browns I kept the toast over to have with the tea.

I got a pot of marmalade from the waitress, which was duly added to the bill.

Toilets were immaculate so nothing adverse to comment on there.

Total bill, including the orange juice £11.45.  As I do not normally travel by road on the UK mainland I have no idea how this compares with other services.

Overall impression – adequate

The contributor of the photos is Steve Fareham ©

Armadillo, North Terminal, Gatwick

If you are passing through the North Terminal at Gatwick Airport and fancy a bite you could do worse than try Armadillo. It is on the mezzanine floor with the rest of the eateries in the terminal. Those of you who know me will be aware that I am not an American food fan but we stopped in for breakfast on the way out and on the the way back from a cruise as the place looked clean and tidy and the staff were smiling. Their bacon and eggs on a toasted muffin are 5 star!  The eggs are cooked “easy over” and their bacon first rate and grilled so that the fat is just crisp. Try their Armadillo juice, mango, passion fruit and that something extra that bites into the taste buds at 7.30 in the morning.  Their tea and Americano coffee are good too.  They offer a speedy menu if you are short of time.  The staff are friendly and efficient.

Kay’s Foodhall, Blanchardstown Centre

Kay's Foodhall, "Real Chefs Real Food", Blanchardstown Centre

I seem to remember that the News of the World used to have a strapline (and maybe still does); “all human life is here” and this could well go for Kay’s in the Blanchardstown centre, just off the N3 Navan Road to the west of Dublin.

Their motto above the entrance is “Real Chefs Real Food” and there was certainly a man in a chef’s hat there when I called in for breakfast at 9.50 a.m, following an early start from Belfast and a site meeting near Clonee. At this time he was being bullied by a man with a very large camera on a tripod, who I assumed was a PR photographer. Apparently Kay’s investment in the Centre is around €1 million so I suppose they can afford to do a bit of promotional photography. Maybe it is for their website which is currently “under construction”!

The long and the short of it is that they serve an excellent breakfast with fried eggs that are soft, as requested, which is a welcome change from the plastic one is served up in many places. Personally I didn’t like the look of the scrambled eggs but they were very popular with the rest of the clientèle. The bacon was good, the black pudding piquant and the sausages nicely spiced. Toast comes in two large crusty slices and the teapot holds two large cups. Butter, Jam and Marmalade are gratis.
Add to this service with a smile and a bill around €6 and you would be left looking hard for something to complain about.

They have other counters, bakery  for instance, besides the breakfast bar but at that time in the morning they were a little under utilized.  This is Ireland remember.