Hot off the 07.00 flight from Belfast to Edinburgh and having picked up a hire car I was looking for a likely spot for breakfast. The Dreghorn services are well signposted off the A720 Edinburgh Bypass heading south.

There were not too many people about and the waitress was friendly and efficient. The tables were clean and the restaurant was generally bright and cheerful.

I ordered the “Early Starter” fry with a side of haggis, well it is Scotland, orange juice and tea. The fresh orange juice came first and was .3 litre bottle which is a bit much to go with breakfast I thought. Means they have no waste though as they charge £2.15.

The fry was fine and the egg soft, which is how I like them. Nothing special about the sausage and bacon but nothing to complain about either. As there were a couple of hash browns I kept the toast over to have with the tea.

I got a pot of marmalade from the waitress, which was duly added to the bill.

Toilets were immaculate so nothing adverse to comment on there.

Total bill, including the orange juice £11.45.  As I do not normally travel by road on the UK mainland I have no idea how this compares with other services.

Overall impression – adequate

The contributor of the photos is Steve Fareham ©

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