Cabbages and Condoms, Sukhumvit, Soi 12, Bangkok

Went to dinner last evening with Sandy and Kay McKinnon and a party of friends at this most unusual of venues in Bangkok. It is part of a project to bring aids awareness to Thailand and make condoms as accessible as cabbages, hence the name.

The decor is unashamedly in-your-face with mannequins dressed in costumes fashioned completely out of condoms etc..

The food is Thai with a selection to cover all tastes.  We picked a selection of starters including rice cakes, spring rolls, sate and chicken and sweetcorn baskets.  Main courses were pork in yellow curry, spicy (very) prawns, chicken with lemongrass and crab patties to name but a few. It was all extremely tasty and helped by both the company and some very passable red wine (and beer for some) we spent a very enjoyable evening, the highlight of which was the Hong Kong Welsh Male Voice Choir (over for a festival) who were also eating there and gave an impromptu rendering of  various traditional welsh songs.

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