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Village Hotel, Otley Road, Leeds

Flew over to Leeds for a couple of meetings with suppliers and after a trip out to Skipton and a tour of Leeds University ended up for lunch at the Village Hotel North, on the Otley Road about 8 miles from Leeds/Bradford airport. 

Very smart looking building and big airy foyer.  The receptionist recommended the bar rather than the restaurant.  This has two big screens showing Sky Sports News, luckily without any sound.  They also have smaller screens with the hotel channel showing easy  listen music videos. 

The menu is pretty extensive with all the usual “pub-grub”, burgers etc.  One chooses and then goes to the bar to order. My only concern would be that they take your credit card off you and keep it behind the bar in a glass.  In these days of credit card and identity fraud personnaly I would not be too happy about this. but my companion did not seem concerned. Trusting crowd Yorkshire people (and not a bad thing either I suppose). 

My associate does not indulge in red meat and chose the chicken burger and chips and, as he was driving, blackcurrant and lemonade.  For myself  the spaghetti with meatballs in a lightly spiced tomato sauce and a glass of Sangiovese. 

Cheerful service, very good food, inexpensive and a big car park. If you can live with the credit card problem – or get them to process it when you order – a good place to eat.


Birgelen Veterans Charity Walk Completion Cert.

Just a holding post to let you know we finished the walk in Leeds yesterday evening. Two people (Julian (Tom) McMahon and Kevin O’Leary) had walked the whole 127+ miles from Liverpool and a quite a number had joined for various stages. The last stage was Bingley – Leeds a total of 15 miles. I will post a fuller description and photos once they have been collated.

Would all those who have already  pledged a donation, and indeed anyone who would like to support this noble cause, please make out the cheque to: “Birgelen Veterans Charity Walk 2010”

and send to me at:

32 Farmley Crescent, Newtownabbey, Co Antrim, BT36 7TX.

I will of course accept cash from those who I will be seeing over the next two weeks!

Thanks again to all of you who have done so and those who might still: I have been amazed by everyone’s generosity through which I personally have raised over £750.00 towards the group effort.

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