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The Food Loft, Central Store, Chidlom, Bangkok

It is the first time I have come across an eatery which offers about 8 individual country based service counters all cooking their various menus to order. This is in addition to the bar and sweets areas.
Located on the 7th floor of the Central Department Stores building in Chidong; on entering one is given a card on which you can purchase food/drinks up to the value of 1000bht (currently around £20). All bags bigger than handbags have to be checked in. Find yourself a table and ask one of the numerous waiters to put an occupied sign on it. You choose your starters or whatever at one of the stands where your card is scanned and you are given a receipt. Return to the table and give it to a passing waiter who will then collect it when ready. The process is repeated for each course you fancy from whichever country you fancy, Thai, Korean, Italian, Greek, Chinese etc. etc. If you run over your limit, (hard to do) you must pay the card and get a new one. No chance of holding two cards. Nor can you get out without it!!
The food is great, well prepared and true to type. The wines and beers are good and not expensive. A really great place to eat.

BAMBOU Templepatrick

Bambou Templepatrick
Bambou Templepatrick
There are many ways of spending Saturday evening and if you are considering a having a Cantonese style Chinese with friends then I would recommend the Bambou in Templepatrick. We have now been a couple of times and our companions many more.  The decor is modern, the staff efficient, friendly and unobtrusive and the menu (which is well laid out and explanatory) extensive.  After aperitifs we chose a combination of barbecued ribs, the Bambou mixed platter and two soups, chicken and sweetcorn and Hot and sour.  The ribs would almost have made a meal on their own having plenty of meat on the bones.  The platter was the standard mix of sesame toast, satays, crisped seaweed etc. well presented and very tasty, the satay sauce being quite tangy.  I am an afficianado of hot and sour soups and this is definately one of the best Chinese style ones I have had. My wife also extolled the chicken and sweetcorn.  The wine list offers something for everyone and we  chose a Merlot and a Pinot Grigio. A selection of main courses included the Sze Chun Combination, not too spicy; Monk Fish Hot Pot with ginger, chinese pork pieces and vegetables, a must for hot pot lovers; King Prawn Jian Bao, cooked with garlic and ginger amongst other spices and a selection of vegetables, could have left out the carrot for me, but otherwise exlempary; Chicken Curry; Jumbo King Prawn with honey and chilli, when they say jumbo they mean jumbo. All accompanied by fried rice, a portion of soft noodles and a smile from the waiters and waitresses.  The evening was rounded off with coffee and snifters and convivial conversation.  To be repeated in the not too distant future all being well.