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Friday evening, 25 June, saw our intrepid group congregate at Greeenisland Station to join the local Probus  on their annual excursion on the Jazz train un by the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland. Of course on a trip of this nature hampers of food and wine are de rigueur, although there is a full bar and burger menu available.  We had settled on char grilled asparagus wrappped in Parma ham, King Prawns in their shells with hollandaise sauce and optional dried chilli, seafood cocktail with Marie rose sauce  and wheaten bread. Unfortunately there was no room to paack the strawberries and cream! We had a sparkling chardonnay/sauvignon blanc + a couple of bottles of Pinot Noir as back up.  Brenda thoughtfully provided spiritual help by the way of minatures of Whisky and Cognac (plus a hip flask).

What more can one say. The train chuffed along and stopped at the various stations where the Apex Jazz band played with their usual enthusiasm and we danced the evening away.

Due to some hitch, like losing the engine, were were delayed at Carrickfergus station for a while but the band played on and we finally arrived back at Greenisland.

A great evening which we will, hopefully, repeat next year.

40th Birthday Party @ Carrickfergus Sailing Club

Birthday Girl

We had an invitation, along with the other members of the CSC retired dancers club, to a surprise 40th birthday party for Denise who, along with husband Chris, represented the younger element of the dancing group. 
Probably the hardest part of the evening was trying to maintain a “hush” whilst awaiting the arrival of the Birthday Girl.  You know what it is like if you sit 10 girls together with a couple of bottles of wine and ask them not to talk for ten minutes.

Let loose from Eastwick!

Luckily Chris ushered her in before anybody had pronounced withdrawl symptoms. The reaction of the principal guest,  whose opening lines are omitted for proprietry reasons, confirmed that the party was indeed a surprise !!

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

For us oldies the disco started off with music that was a little too up to date, and there was a distinct lack of dancers of any age; however, as the evening wore on the music got older and the company got mellower and the dance floor became the place to be.  It should be said that the girls led the way, and it took an extra couple of glasses before the male contingent joined in.

CAPTION COMPETITION - Your suggestions in "Leave a Reply"

It would be remiss of me not to extol the buffet.  The sandwiches and sausage rolls were great and the mini sausages and chicken rumsticks even better:

but what else would one expect from CSC!

The cake, a novel design with the caption “aged to perfection” on the embossed bottle was duly presented to chorus of Happy Birthday. Some things never change.

Click Pic to see the rest

Later in the evening, having ensured that the majority of larynges had been sufficiently lubricated there was a Karoke session.  This is definately not my forte but some brave souls tried their hand.

As is usual when our happy band get together it was an excellent evening and our thanks go to Chris for arranging it and our best wishes to Denise for lots more birthdays.

Carrickfergus Sailing Club, Retired Dancers Mayday Dinner

The Finger Dancer

Carrickfergus Sailing Club, Retired Dancers Social Group held a Mayday reunion dinner at the club; on Saturday 1st May believe it or not. Twenty members met in the bar for a pre prandial drink (or two) and to catch up with the local gossip.

Smart as Carrots

As is usual for these functions the Maestro (Linden Graham in his other life) had emailed or phoned the menu to all concerned and, so that could be no squabbling, printed each out each couples choice. It goes without saying that there was still one dispute as to whether this was correct (no names no pack drill).

As this is posted to the Eating Out section I suppose I had better comment on the catering. We had selected the chicken liver pate with hot buttered toast and plum chutney to start. The pate was tasty and the toast hot, although I was not keen on the plum chutney (I am not keen on chutneys anyway) Josephine finished hers and pronounced it very good.

More Carrots!

I did not get any reports on the soup but there were rave reports on the deep fried breaded Garlic Mushrooms with dressed salad and garlic dip. we had also both chosen the same main, the selection of fresh sea-food (salmon, smoked haddock, king tiger prawns) in a white wine and butter sauce topped with mash and oven baked. There is only one word – sublime. The sides, chips, garlic sautéed potatoes and a selection of vegetables could not be faulted for either presentation or quality. The vegetables were cooked just to perfection. I cannot vouch for the other choices which included Chicken, pork loin or sirloin but the consensus was that it would have been hard to fault. Sweets included bread and butter pudding and apple pie with cream or ice cream.Again there were no complaints and we finished off with teas and coffees. Where else can you get a 3 course meal plus coffee for £25 a couple (three quid extra for the sirloin). Add to the this the club bar prices and you have a great evening out at a very reasonable price (even if you have to factor in taxis).

Tango anyone

Passe Doble specialists


We then had to work off the calories and the music took over.

Cha Cha Cha!

Some of us attempted to recall all the various dances we had learnt in the not very distant past.  I will not comment on how well we managed this.

Attempting to dance

All in all a great evening in excellent company.

Congratulations to all who contributed and also to the catering staff who produced and served such an excellent meal.