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Jazzed up Sunday Lunch

The Apex Jazz Band

The jazz aficionado’s jazz band and veterans of genré, the Apex Jazz Band,were welcomed back by Greenisland Golf Club for another Sunday lunch engagement on Feb 12.

This is getting to be a habit and a fine excuse to forget cooking and washing up and enjoy David Alexander’s buffet and a bottle of vino collapso with all the old favourites playing in the background. The band was pretty good as well!

It is amazing how quickly 3 or 4 hours passes when in good company.

My thanks to David Graham for many of the photographs

Rogues Gallery


It was almost a BBQ but for once the weather forecast was right on the mark and at 2pm precisely the rain started and the BBQ became a buffet.

Held in honour of Jennifer’s birthday a goodly crew assembled for a Sunday afternoon of philosophical debate. This was abandoned after a couple of glasses and we got on with putting the world to rights.

The Society has elected to split into  ladies and gentlemen’s  sections which hold their discussions in separate rooms where possible (or opposite corners of the bar) thus obviating any requirement to moderate their observations in terms suitable for the delicate ears of the fairer sex.

The spread laid on was worthy of a royal banquet with fish pie, lasagne with and without garlic, curry, breads with and without garlic; followed by a selection of home made sweets.

The gentlemen formed a quorum to discuss serious matters pertaining to the well being of Norn Iron but were hackled by a couple of dissenting back benchers.

Another afternoon and evening completely wasted in the best possible manner.

Thanks to Roy and Jennifer for hosting, Linden for the photos and everyone else for subscribing.


Unable to organize a Royal Wedding Street Party, due to the necessity of keeping the Upper Road open to traffic, the Social Committee plumbed for a Garden Party complete with the Downshire Brass Band and competitions for young and old.

We were welcomed with a glass of very Moorish Pimms, or Orange for the younger participants, on arrival.  An excellent way to being a social Sunday afternoon.

This being Norn Iron all attending were encouraged to emit “positive waves” and banish the threatening rain clouds.

Sgt. Oddball would have been proud.  Except for a couple of very minor attempts to spit a few drops the afternoon remained resolutely rain free.

There were plenty of games to keep the children occupied whist the adults indulged in their favourite pastime of talking golf and nonsense!

The chefs produced the usual high standard buffet lunch and then the serious business of judging the ladies hats began.

the winning hat

The Best Dressed Hat

I must admit that I cannot remember the exact categories but the Best Dressed hat was won by Rosemary Greer and the most amusing by Annie Walker (the fact that Norman was compere had no influence on this).


Golden Oldie Hat

The men’s competition was won by a ornamental Fez!

Needless to say, to avoid any distress, all the children were awarded a prize for their efforts

A smart Fez

The Children's competiton

Generally a most enjoyable afternoon was had by all.