Neue Post Hotel, Mayrhofen

Neue Post Hotel

Our first stop at the end of the Zillertal Steam Train journey. The hotel is a typical Austrian resort hotel/restaurant catering for the international tourist trade as well as the locals and was recommended by our guide, Julian. They provide menus in both German and English, but as is usual these lose something in translation.

The Skull Room

It is a large establishment and the restaurant is divided up into a number of areas, including one adorned with a myriad of goats skulls.

The service is efficient, if a little brusque, and they are obviously used to dealing with large influxes of customers.

The beer is excellent, as it is throughout Austria and Germany and their Dunkel Weissbier is a classic.

The best menu to order from is the Tageskarte, the days specialities. They have a three course menu for around €7.50. Vicki and I chose a champagne based soup; very nice, and Gröstl, a pan fried concoction of local black pudding, onions and potato scallops which turned out to be  perfect. unfortunately Josephine and David settled for the Goulash.  Do not be tempted by this unless you are a fan of nudeln, a soft, semi tasteless semolina pasta. Unfortunately the 4 or 5 pieces of beef that came with it  were rubbery and the only saving grace was the sauce; but even that was mediocre.

Our 3rd course was a chocolate mousse to die for!

A mousse to die for

All in all I would award it about 7 out 10 overall and would be tempted to call in again if we were ever in the area.

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