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Giulio Passami L'Olio

We came across this restaurant on our way from Castel Sant’Angelo to The Trevi.  Tucked away on a small road, Via di Monte Giordano 28, it looked typically rustic and there were a few locals under the awnings. The billboard outside offered Pizza/Pasta, side salad, bread and water all in for €12 which, by Rome standards seemed pretty reasonable.

Whilst not being exactly enthusiastic the service was competent and we ordered a Pizza and a spaghetti carbonara. The salad proved to be leaves with a few slices of tomato but the carbonara was as good as I have had anywhere, and a reasonable sized serving.  Josephine ws less impressed with her pizza but she had been spoiled with the one form the evening before!

We ordered a couple of glasses of the house red, about which one could not complain at al,l and at €3 each was well within budget.

The owner was obviously well known as there was a trail of local businessmen and women calling in and chatting over beer or wine.

Whilst one could not say it is top of the range it certainly provided a pleasant meal at a reasonable price and one cannot complain about that. The loos were clean as well!

La Rosa Dei Venti, Santa Croce 164, Venice

Unfortunately I do not have a photo of this most Venetian of Venetian trattoria. Do not confuse it with the B & B of the same name. It located on the Fondamenta Minotto, not far from the railway station.  It is the place of choice for local workers to take their lunch. We had just been given a table when it was suddenly inundated with with a variety of customers from immaculately suited city types to shop assistants. They do not stand on ceremony and if you like to have space to yourself than make sure you are not there between 1 – 2p.m.   The tables are for two but are set together to form rows of two or three and they fill them as customers arrive. Had we know we would probably have picked the days specials, which seemed to be what everyone else did, as the waiters just read a list of their pad.  We were given menus. We shared a plate of pickled sardines with a green salad and followed it with pasta.  Josephine chose the lasagne whilst I had a spaghetti with an chilli oil dressing. Both were beyond reproach.  We washed it down with a half litre of the house red.  Great staff with adequate English and big smiles. Bill for the lot about €40.