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Giulio Passami L'Olio

We came across this restaurant on our way from Castel Sant’Angelo to The Trevi.  Tucked away on a small road, Via di Monte Giordano 28, it looked typically rustic and there were a few locals under the awnings. The billboard outside offered Pizza/Pasta, side salad, bread and water all in for €12 which, by Rome standards seemed pretty reasonable.

Whilst not being exactly enthusiastic the service was competent and we ordered a Pizza and a spaghetti carbonara. The salad proved to be leaves with a few slices of tomato but the carbonara was as good as I have had anywhere, and a reasonable sized serving.  Josephine ws less impressed with her pizza but she had been spoiled with the one form the evening before!

We ordered a couple of glasses of the house red, about which one could not complain at al,l and at €3 each was well within budget.

The owner was obviously well known as there was a trail of local businessmen and women calling in and chatting over beer or wine.

Whilst one could not say it is top of the range it certainly provided a pleasant meal at a reasonable price and one cannot complain about that. The loos were clean as well!

The Swan Inn, Milton Keynes Village

Milton Keynes was pretty much snowed in when we battled our way round to the Swann Inn for a light lunch before I was due to fly back to Belfast.  Turned out to be a trip worth the effort.  A traditional thatched country inn furnished to match.  The staff were smart and helpful and the menu pretty representative of good “pub specialities”.  I settled for a pint of  Well’s Bombadier bitter a starter and we both chose the home made pasta.  This was Linguini style with carbonara sauce, pancetta, melted parmesan, cream and free range eggs.  The dishes were large and the taste delicious.  There was plenty of pancetta and the sauce was creamy and thick enough to cling to the pasta and not slop about in the bottom of the dish.  I am not an authority on beer but the Bombardier had a nice deep amber colour and slipped down extremely smoothly.  Lots of hoppy flavour.  I would love to go back when I had more time and sample their dinner menu.  First class.