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My Service Life in the REME and Intelligence Corps from 1960 – 1984


Birgelen Veterans Charity Walk Completion Cert.

Just a holding post to let you know we finished the walk in Leeds yesterday evening. Two people (Julian (Tom) McMahon and Kevin O’Leary) had walked the whole 127+ miles from Liverpool and a quite a number had joined for various stages. The last stage was Bingley – Leeds a total of 15 miles. I will post a fuller description and photos once they have been collated.

Would all those who have already  pledged a donation, and indeed anyone who would like to support this noble cause, please make out the cheque to: “Birgelen Veterans Charity Walk 2010”

and send to me at:

32 Farmley Crescent, Newtownabbey, Co Antrim, BT36 7TX.

I will of course accept cash from those who I will be seeing over the next two weeks!

Thanks again to all of you who have done so and those who might still: I have been amazed by everyone’s generosity through which I personally have raised over £750.00 towards the group effort.

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Old army colleagues have organised a Charity walk along the canal from Liverpool to Leeds, a total of just over 127 miles, from 12 – 20 June. In my wisdom, or probably lack of it, I have agreed to be one of the the official “finishers” on the Bingley to Leeds leg, about 17 miles!

Canal above Bingley locks

The proceeds of this walk are being split 50/50 between Macmillan Cancer Care and the Birgelen Veterans Association sponsored charity, Raphael Geiser.

All of the participants in this venture are meeting all travel, accommodation and subsistance costs themselves so all sponsorship money will go to the charities and not be lost in “administration” costs.

I would really appreciate if you would sponsor my small effort on behalf of these worthy causes, no matter how little, it all helps.  If you would be willing to commit to this venture please use the comments on this post or contact me via email, snail mail, or of course in person as I am sure to have a sponsor form with me!!

Cheques should be made out to “Birgelen Veterans Charity Walk 2010” and sent to me at:

32 Farmley Crescent
Co Antrim
BT36 7TX

We are unable to claim tax relief as treasury rules do not allow for the support of two charities at one time.

Once again I would ask for your support for this worthy cause.

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My Sponsorship form

BVA Release

Birgelen Veterans Association Reunion 2009

Jacko, Tom McMahon & Jim Malone recover from the AGM

Jacko, Tom McMahon & Jim Malone recover from the AGM

My first appearance at this event, which is now in it’s 9th year. The reason for attendance prompted by a meeting with Jim Malone at Heathrow airport in February which resulted in a “you go – I’ll go” scenario.  Anyway,  it’s held in the Cavendish Hotel, Torquay, reminiscent of Fawlty Towers in many aspects.  The receptionist doubled as barman, concierge and waiter and with about 70 people on the move this proved a challenging operation! It was great to catch up with a host of old faces (Bob & Joy White, Foxy, Tom McMahon, Tony and Hilary Moore, Keith & Pauline Clarke to name but a few) after such a long period away.  The do is run on the lines of any other reunion with a gala dinner and “dance” on the Saturday and the AGM on Sunday morning.  Sunday evening being a fund raising raffle and a sing along with Gwen Sangster.  Unfortunately the President, General Peter Baldwin, was taken ill and was unable to address the guests.  Tom, Jim and I spent a sunny Sunday afternoon on a mini pub-crawl along the sea front which produced a great deal of the humour that punctuated my time in the army.  Alltogether a well worth while exercise which I will probably repeat next year!